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    8 Reasons Why You Need a Coach and Mentor for Your Career

    In my talks ‘let go to leadership’ I talk about having both a coach AND mentor, and key differences between them and how they benefit your career and personal development. I have learnt a lot by having a brilliant coach and mentor and highly recommend you steer your way to getting both a coach and a mentor. In this blog I’ll talk about the difference between a coach and mentor and what they can bring to your development, and some mentorship programmes I can recommend!  What is a Coach? Coaches are trained to bring out the answer from within you for the present and future. They don’t give advice or…

  • All,  Leadership,  Personal Development

    Leadership Journey: Leader Vs Manager

    To be a successful leader, you have to have a certain skillset which enables you to not only to develop others, but motivate and inspire, and influence people. Often the line gets blurred between leadership and management. Being a manager doesn’t automatically mean you’re a leader, and vice versa. Some key differences between being a manager and a leader: ⭐ You can be a leader without managing a team⭐ Being a manager doesn’t automatically make you a leader⭐ You can be a leader in a junior role⭐ It can be non-hierarchical Myth Buster: Leaders are born great A common myth is that to be a great leader, you have to…