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    How to give constructive feedback (and not sound like a d**k) Part 1

    We’ve all been there, we know the feedback we have for peers would be really helpful, it’s constructive criticism right? It could make their job easier or make them better at their job. However, it is not positive feedback we’re about to deliver and it can be a little bit out of our comfort zone to relay that negative feedback in a way that doesn’t make us sound like a bit of a d**k.  Feedback is so important to our personal development. It allows us to see other people’s points of view, increases transparency in teams, builds better trust in relationships and gives us the opportunity to grow in both…

  • All,  Leadership,  Personal Development

    5 Tips to Becoming a Better Communicator

    During a conversation It’s common for us to think and create our response while someone else is talking. Once we think of what we will say next, we keep that in our brain ready to say it as they have finished. Resulting in us not actually listening to the rest of what they have to say, and even great listeners can do this too.  This means we’ve missed part of the conversation and not actually listened to all of what they have said, we also may show that we’ve missed what they have said while formulating our reply. We might get distracted and disinterested now because we want to get…